13 JavaScript Techniques to Improve Your Code

August 17th, 2017 . 6 minutes read
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We all write codes in different ways with a different style and most of the time forgot about standardization, let’s discuss JavaScript Techniques to Improve Your Code.

This post includes the top tips to write JavaScript code, that would make your code Apple of one’s eye. This post is for javascript beginners only.

For newbie javascript developers, Javascript is a client-side scripting language. If you want to use it on the server-side, you have to use some specific framework like Nodejs. The world of javascript has been changed since Nodejs framework came into action.

For an experienced developer, you know that almost all web applications use Javascript as primary, you should know about these tips. These tips will make your code clean. Understand that, when I say clean code, that points to the code that is:

  1. Easy to understand, no matter that code is given to some other developer.
  2. Easy to maintain, means small changes can be made

So, I am going to share these tips, that I have learned during development. These tips will start with an easy to advanced level, So don’t be bored If you already know the starting ones.

1. Uses of proper variable name:

This is the first tip that you have to learn if you want to be the best developer. A variable name should be relevant to the function. These are some convention I follow during naming:

  • Variable and function names are written as camelCase.
  • Global variables are written in UPPERCASE.
  • Constants (like PI) written in UPPERCASE.

2. Uses of proper text-indent in code snippets:

Your code might have good logic with proper variable naming but there is a question. Is the code easy to read? Giving a proper text-indent means providing the right space in each line.

There is some good example for it.

3. The power of comments:

The only thing that can make your code more reusable is the way you use comments for it. If you don’t know how to write the proper comments, then your life as a programmer will be in danger. In the above example, you can see that after each if-else condition, how a comment is written.

4. No need to use var for multiple times:

Exactly, There is no need to use ‘var’ to initialize multiple variables. Instead of, you can initialize in the following way-

5. The power of Comma Operator:

For making your code small, you can use comma operator in following way-

The operation applied to variables x and y can be simplified with the help of the comma operator. As you can see in the following example-

6. Use of ‘===’ instead of ‘==’

We know about it but somehow they always forget to use it. But it makes a large difference in what they code and fills their code like bugs.

For javascript newbies, ‘==’ is used in time of comparison, when you want to compare only values, and use ‘===’ when you want to compare a variable value as well as its data type. So use these comparison variables wisely.

For example-

7. Magic of ‘use strict’

This statement gives your code the power that you can’t use undeclared variables. This makes your code hard to break and easy to maintain. You can use it as following at the above of each program file-

8. Verify variable Before use:

Before using an argument passed to function, you should check its data type. Otherwise, your code will break. There is a javascript function to check each and every data type named ‘type of’. You can use it in following way-

For more information, go to https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Operators/typeof.

9. Use for loop in an optimized way:

A normal for loop looks like this, but this doesn’t mean that we should do it in exactly the same way. We all should avoid this syntax and try as following-

As per this above loop, the instantiation of i  and length variable is done exactly one time that makes your code fast.

10. Use of Comparison operators

This is the normal way, you perform a conditional statement. But with help of conditional operators like ‘&&’ and ’| |’, we can simplify our code more as following way-

we can simplify our code more using ‘&&’ operator as following way-

11. Use of switch-case statements

I have seen in programs that in the case of multiple conditional statements, they use a series of the nested if-else statement. That does execute correctly, but it looks somehow clumsy or hard to understand. So in that condition, we should use switch-case statements.

For more information on switch-case, go to https://www.w3schools.com/js/js_switch.asp.

12. Uses of Immediately Invoke function expression(IIFE)( Self-calling function)

An IIFE is a function that executes automatically where you create them in the program. They don’t have any name.

13. Use Javascript tools

At the end, there are a number of websites that you can to make your code beautiful and error free. I will point to these three pillars, that helped me a lot.

  1. https://codebeautify.org/jsvalidate

This website will help you with javascript validation as well as with proper text-indent.

  1. http://lisperator.net/uglifyjs/

This website will help you to provide a minified file of your javascript code.

  1. http://jshint.com/

This website will provide you a complete analysis of your code with a description, warnings, and errors.


Now you know how to improve your code with help of Javascript techniques. These javascript tips not only make your code look clean but also make it easy to understand, fast, and optimized.

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Author: Vikash