3 E-commerce trends that will make you win or lose

September 15th, 2018 . 10 minutes read
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E-commerce trends are changing very fast with time, here in this post I am sharing 3 e-commerce trends that will make you win or lose.

As we have entered a new decade, it can be considered as the next chapter or a new milestone for the technology. There are many technological inventions and expert-level works going on around the world. At the same time, the E-commerce sector is no different and adopting extra advanced technological trends over conventional methods.

According to a report, the market for e-commerce has taken the responsibility to address the 56% of in-store purchases. In addition, reports have made the indications that offline stores cannot survive without their presence on their customers’ favorite channels that are available online.

The Global e-commerce sales are growing at a much faster pace and it is expected to increase by 246.25% by 2021. In 2014, it was 1336 billion and it is expected to reach 4878 billion in 2021.

Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)

According to one more report on Internet Trends produced by Mary Meeker, there are 3.6 Billion people around the world who have access to the home internet. With this huge number, almost half the population of the entire planet Earth, there are huge expectations that the growth of e-commerce will be massive.

Top 3 e-commerce trends to make an impact:

To keep up with the needs of the online market and e-commerce trends one must be extra conscious in adopting the right trends. In this blog, I am going to tell you the top three trends that will make you win in all aspects.

1. Voice search is in trend these days:

The internet is quite old now and has already seen more than three decades. In fact, from the era when web searching used to take a long time buffering to SEO, from text searching to voice assistance, and then to smart devices, the e-commerce trends have been upgrading continuously.

During the course of the past few years, companies are adopting more user-friendly methods. Apple with Siri and Google with Google Assistant came up with their voice assistants on their smartphone operating systems. Furthermore, Amazon with its voice assistant Alexa is also making an impact on the customers to result in a rise in business all around the world.

A recent report of a survey conducted on all age groups of a bunch of people says that the younger you are the more you are prone to the voice-enabled features in a device.

The results of the survey state that 31% of the younger generation (Between the age group 14-17 years) is interested in voice searches which is much more than 7% of the individuals who are 55+ years old.

Also, the report shows that the advancement in technology has opened up the door for making voice-activated searches a much better option than any other option.

Likewise, Google has stated in a report that more than 20% of the mobile queries are voice-based and this number will grow by a large amount by the year 2020.

Best ways to keep your content recognized by a large mass through voice search?

i. Improve Website’s Loading Time:

Since most of the voice searches are done through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, it is important to improve the website loading time.

The improvement can be done through responsive web designs or through adapting AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This can give you a 10% increase in website traffic, 20% increase in sales conversions, and 2x increase in the time spent on the page.

FACT WHERE PEOPLE lose: A report says that 91% of the small businesses online do not have a mobile-friendly website and 60% of the consumers have admitted that they will abandon a website if it is not mobile friendly.

ii. Content must be optimized:

Content plays a major role in making you win or lose. So, it must be very specific and to the targeted customers only.

The product must have proper descriptions that can be recognized by easy voice commands. It must be the latest and simple.

iii. Optimize for the questions and use natural languages:

Most of the searches would be in the form of questions so it’s better to structure your website and make FAQs, blog pages where the targeted customers can find the answers to their questions. Trigger words can be the key to your business.

Using these keywords will boost up your rank in the voice-based queries over the internet. The use of natural language will rank you high in the searches. The search queries will mostly form from the sentences that the people naturally speak and they are most likely to be in the question format, such as “What is the price of Echo Dot?”

iv. Use Tools to find what people are asking:

The most challenging thing is to analyze and figure out what people are searching for and asking the most. To resolve this issue, there are some great tools that can help you find out what real people are asking for any product or commodity.

Some of the tools are as below:

  • Answer the Public
  • Question Samurai
  • Storybase
  • Google Trends
  • Google Suggest
  • Ubersuggest.io

These tools can greatly boost up your business over the internet.

2. Quick Automated Services, Delivery and Customer Experience First:

Automation is the most effective way to directly connect with the customers. More and more e-commerce giant companies are adopting the automation features these days.

E-commerce automation is continuously showing growth rates. Although there is still a lack of a proper number of e-commerce firms, there are still the chances of this technique to hit the market with customer-centric results. The Google trend report shows how it has maintained the pace from 2017 to 2018.

The e-commerce automation can be best utilized in Scheduled Sales, Preloading the new products in the cart, Showing and hiding the payment options based on the customer criteria such as order history, location, and device.

In the race of automation, there are huge chances that customers will see a new method of product delivery. The faster the delivery, the more the trust factor. In recent years, companies like AMAZON have started off with their drone delivery services naming it Amazon Prime Air which promises to deliver the product within 30 minutes within the range of 10 miles.

Some companies such as FLIRTEY – a startup, DOMINO’s pizza, MATTERNET – a logistic start-up, and FEDEX – the famous package delivery service, are already investing a lot of their efforts in delivering the products in just a small span of time.

While automation in e-commerce promises to deliver the best results, its implementation in drones makes the e-commerce market to revolutionize the industry.

Points that will make drones in trend in the coming years:

i. Customer Satisfaction: Faster and Hassle-free delivery will obviously impact the market and will attract more customers.

ii. Supply Chain Modification: Since delivering the products involve drones, there will be a need to completely look back at the currently existing supply chain system. Drones will provide a cost-effective system and there will be a need to adopt a new system where manpower will only be needed to operate these drones and train them.

How automated services affect e-commerce and your business:

Now the real question arises that how these automated services will affect e-commerce trends and how it will impact your business? If this has stricken your mind that how can you adopt this technology in your business then here are some of the points that will keep you in trend:

i. Schedule the Sales:

Using automation, it can easily be adapted to set the price standards and change them with promotions on a predetermined time basis.

ii. Preload New Products:

Automation can be used to preload the products and to publish them to your store, social media platforms, sales channels, and other apps where they can be shared.

iii. Seasonal Promotion:

This can be achieved greatly by automation. The products and the content on your website and app should target the seasons and the festivals where the promotional data can be updated automatically. This will help you gain the attention of a huge mass of targeted customers.

iv. Inventory Change Updates:

Automation can be utilized to unpublish products from the store, e-mail the customer to re-order the product in case it has gone out of stock. This technology can be used to notify different users with different information based on the availability of the product.

v. Offer Special Discounts, Coupons, and Rebates:

Moreover, if a customer has purchased a huge amount of product and has continued his or her relationship as a regular buyer, then an automated system for such customers be made to offer them some discounts, coupons, or rebates.

vi. Listen to the Customer in Real-Time:

Websites can have pop-ups at some specific places asking customers to give feedback and share the experience. This could easily attract customers.

vii. Real-time Sales Notifications:

Just like the feedback, the real-time sales notification over a particular section of the screen can be given. This will encourage the customers to purchase the product by seeing that someone else has purchased the same product.

viii. E-mail Marketing:

Automation can be used to expand the business amongst the customers and e-mail can be the key. Automation can be used to roll out the emails daily or on a weekly basis that will contain the information.

ix. Same Day or Next Day Delivery Promise:

With technologies such as Amazon Prime Air promising to deliver the product within 30 minutes, the future of delivery services is very bright.

The automation facilities can further reduce the manual efforts and make the delivery process even faster. A special section or a specific category of the customers are offered with these services.

Automation isn’t just a trend or a new piece of technology. It’s rapidly becoming the part of consumers and companies. This will bring a giant change in the e-commerce industry. In the next section, I am going to describe the future of e-commerce with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will expand:

Artificial Intelligence is the next crucial phase of e-commerce. It has a vast possibility to increase the quality of the business and trades that are going online.

According to a report, about 38% of the businesses have already introduced the use of Artificial Intelligence in their customer service department. This number is going to increase in a huge amount in the coming years.

Additionally, the report states that the quality of communication with the customers will observe an increase of 10% approximately.

How to implement artificial intelligence to grow your e-commerce:

So, this makes it an important factor to influence e-commerce. Now, how exactly you can implement Artificial Intelligence in your business so as to increase customer relations?

i. Intelligent Chatbots:

Chatbots are already making a mark in the e-commerce world. Smart chatbots can raise social selling by multiple times. Many companies are already using chatbots to reach their customers in every possible aspect.

Chatbots can increase the quality of the services and they can even serve 24X7. The best application of chatbots can be to provide solutions to the customers.

ii. Smart Content Curation:

The application of Artificial Intelligence can be utilized in taking care of each customer by delivering personalized content to them. This makes a direct impact on the business as accepted by many marketers.

iii. Make sales path more convenient:

In addition, it is important to make the entire shopping process more fun and rewarding to improve the user experience. It will get you more customers. For instance, you can achieve this by using the application of AI algorithms.

Bottom Line:

E-commerce is growing at a great pace and one needs to be equally updated with the changing trends to be unique amongst the crowd. Voice search, automated services, and Artificial Intelligence are the keys to your win in this competitive e-commerce world.

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I hope these top e-commerce trends will make you stand unique amongst the crowd. For any queries feel free to ask in the comments section and do share your thoughts about the blog.

Author: aishwarya