7 Reasons Why to Learn JavaScript as First Preference

July 4th, 2017 . 6 minutes read
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Do you know why you should learn JavaScript as your first programming language? If you don’t know then, let’s discuss the top 7 reasons why to learn JavaScript as a first preference to start coding.

The most important thing to know about Javascript is that its versatility. One should learn the concepts of Javascript to boost up his/her skills to handle data and some features in the most efficient manner. It is currently the most popular programming language in the world.

Javascript works on a number of varied platforms whether it may be windows, Linux, or Mac. Also, it supports almost every programming language.

Javascript Jobs are available in profusion and it has gained a position for itself to be the most demanding languages of the current time.

Javascript can be used for multiple purposes and it has the capability to be used for designing good visual effects, best UI for websites and apps. It can be used for designing good games as well. Javascript provides the feature to handle the errors and warnings and it is the best language to put validations on forms that are used on almost every website(for registrations, login, etc…).

Top 7 reasons to learn the JavaScript language as your first preference:

1. DEMAND of the language

In the current world, Javascript has evolved itself as the most useful and adaptable language. The demand for Javascript programmers has also gone up and will continue to increase. It provides a plethora of plugins and frameworks that make the work easy for programmers.

It is the most strong competitor of the famous languages such as C# and Java in terms of popularity. Most projects worldwide are using javascript for the best business.

2. Browser’s Language

If we look into the browsers, we see that they are capable of doing every stuff inside them. The browsers may be varied in terms of platforms they run upon but the common phenomenon that they acquire commonly is the use of Javascript. Javascript can do things for you without setting any environments and they even don’t need an editor to do so(in browsers).

Everything is inside the browsers only. This has been possible only due to one thing and that you already know by now, yes it is Javascript. For this very reason, only javascript can be called the de facto language of browsers, which is why you should start learning javascript.

3. Presence Everywhere

Javascript is now everywhere, whether it may be a small app, a desktop application, or anything else. It is being used for multiple purposes. It has its presence in browsers ever since it was introduced.

To talk about its versatility, you may consider its presence in applications provided in smart electronic items such as smart TVs, music applications, e-commerce web, and app timer related things.

Javascript is helping in creating things that are more interactive.  It is basically now everywhere. So this is also an important reason to start learning javascript.

4. It’s Frameworks

Javascript has now got a number of frameworks that are made for making tasks more easy and efficient for different environments and needs. One such framework is for the front-end development- AngularJS.

It is the most popular framework for Javascript. Other similar frameworks are KnokoutJS, BackboneJS, DurandalJS, etc. These frameworks are making tasks easier and functionality more reliable.

Another popular framework of Javascript is NodeJS. This framework is popularly used for backend applications and data handling.

In common these frameworks are now maturing themselves with each and every day having new features and properties.

5. Game Development:

Javascript is a language that is used by browsers as we already know. This is also the place for some fun things as well. You can be a good game developer if you know javascript.

Javascript is defining the ways to design some good games for browsers as well as full app-based games for desktops or any other devices. If you have a love for gaming and want to develop one, then this could be a good reason to learn Javascript.

6. Design Visual effects and fast websites

In the current scenario of the computer world, we see a lot of animations and designs with visual effects. They use heavy software to manage things for making those things appear wonderfully.

That needs some extra effort and special training but with the help of javascript, you can achieve your dreams of the best visual effects designer and make some good animated things. Javascript has libraries for animations and effects. This could be another reason to start learning Javascript.

7. Tons of Jobs and Pay Growth

The growth for jobs in Javascript is increasing day by day. Almost every job portal has the highest listings of javascript jobs with a huge salary package. It is now becoming the most searched jobs on the internet. Stack overflow recently had a survey related to jobs and salaries. The outcomes shown below states that how popular and preferred, Javascript is.

Bottom Line

JavaScript is the most powerful language, so if you are planning to start code then I suggest opting for JavaScript as your first coding option. We all write codes in different ways with a different style and most of the time forgot about standardization, so let’s discuss JavaScript Techniques to Improve Your Code.

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So, what do you think? Did this article had an impact on you for learning Javascript? Do write us your response and queries in the comment box.

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Author: aishwarya