9 questions you should ask your software outsourcing company or vendor

September 29th, 2018 . 8 minutes read
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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”
-Albert Einstein

Questioning and Software Outsourcing, are the two essential identities of the same coin. This coin is very precious to be used at the right time. Do you know why? Well, that is so interesting to find out and indeed that is what you are here for?

The starting of any software project is full of unanswered queries and questions. Considering this situation, one must first decide which company or organization to choose? Maybe you have a good option of matching software outsourcing companies that are ready to build your project but deep within, you are in a big dilemma which company to choose and why to opt for them?

Time for a talk before outsourcing the project:

Well, it is a genuine question that strikes in the mind to choose which company for your project to outsource?

Its answer is to talk and to simply raise questions. In this blog, I will let you go through some of the relevant questions that you must ask your software outsourcing company before starting a project. Although you may ask whatever is necessary as per your requirements for the project. In this blog, I will focus on the most basic questions.

This will make your business fly, ask these questions to your software outsourcing company:

Here I am going to tell you the interactive questions that you may ask your Software Outsourcing Company when having the initial talks with them.

1. What is the customized application development process that your company follows?

This is a very essential question in order to look for the processes that the company acquires for the application development and within the same question, you can look forward to the positive side of the company as to how it cares about the business requirements of your project.

application Development Process

This question is actually asked to understand the finer details and approaches that the company will take to deliver your software product. Avoid the companies that try to serve you with the pre-developed themes unless you actually have no problem with that.

2. What are the records of the similar projects that your company has done previously?

records of similar projects

This question will give you some trust factor that the company or vendor can work on your project. Before asking this question have some individual research and do some homework for knowing what technologies and approaches are used in the market for any similar project like yours.

Ask questions based on your knowledge and observe here that:
i. What was the industry for which your vendor has worked for?
ii. What technology was used in previous projects, will those fulfill your needs?
iii. What all features the company has delivered in the previous projects.
iv. What is the sector (start-ups, middle level or big companies) that your vendor has served previously?

Considering these points will help you gain the confidence in outsourcing the software project with the company.

3. What are the certifications, accreditations, and experience level your company holds?

certifications-accreditations-and- experience

Source: https://www.mongodb.com/partners/list

This is another important question that matters a lot, so you must ask your vendor to specify the certifications and accreditations that they hold.

meteor partners

Source: https://www.meteor.com/partners

Software development companies and their developers are often certified and verified by the global institutions such as Oracle, MongoDB, Google, IBM, SAP, Amazon etc. Here you may query to know the experience level of the developers as well to rest assured of the project in the safe hands.

This will make you one step closer in outsourcing the software project with the company or the vendor you selected to consider.

4. How well is the process of Quality Assurance and Software Testing?

There is no scope of business without the quality. Whether it is software or any other product but if the quality is not maintained then there is no chance of expanding the business.


So, at this point, it becomes essential to ask your vendor to brief you about the quality assurance process and how well the testing is done upon each feature that is added to the application. The points to be observed from your side will be:

i. How in the explanation, the vendor describes the process, whether the full in-house dedicated team is there for this purpose or they will also look for other resources?
ii. What will be their planning and how many types of testing they will provide while in different phases of the project.
After gaining satisfaction from the vendor, you may plan to look forward to other crucial points.

5. How will the project be tracked for Progress, Plans, and Problems and where do I stand in this process?

This is essential to know as a matter of curiosity that where the development process has reached so it becomes necessary to know from the vendor that how you will be a part of the project and what platforms will be used to track the project development process.

Tools to track project progress

The things to observe here are:
i. The mechanism that the vendor follows to keep a clean record of the progress of the project and your involvement in the same. This could be the updates, or the timely calls (audio or video) or any other forms of meetings that can be scheduled on daily basis or on a bi-weekly basis.
ii. What are the agile methods in this system to rectify the problems if they arise during any phase of the project?
iii. Which tools are described to you (they may be AWS, Heroku, PivotalTracker, Trello, Zoho, Git, Bitbucket etc.)

6. What all are the technologies you have worked upon?


By asking this question you can confirm from your outsourcing vendor that technologies that they are working upon are well known to them and check if they can adopt new technologies as per the needs and requirements of the futuristic scope of your project. If you have already decided your technology then make sure that your outsourcing vendor knows that well and has good resources available with them.

7. How will you estimate the cost and length of the project and what will be included in the cost?

Your software outsourcing company will be passionately describing their process to answer this question as this is one of the most important questions that is asked to the companies. Some companies offer a higher price but faster delivery and some companies offer the lower price but a moderate delivery time.

While getting answers for how the estimations will be done, you need to observe the following points:
i. What tools or features or studies will be involved in estimation. It may involve breaking down of the scope of the project in manageable parts, to which the resources can be assigned.
ii. What parameters are considered for cost estimation such as their resources, time and services (Consultation, research, UI/UX Prototypes, and mock-ups, design, development, management, infrastructure, guarantee etc)? This can vary according to the geographical locations. There is a difference in average rates based on the location.
iii. What parameters they are describing for the estimating the project length. This will include daily working hours, whether they work six days or five days a week or whether they provide extra resources on the weekends?
iv. What all will you get after full project development (The common features at this point of conversation)?
v. There is a need to observe carefully between the price, skills and the time according to your requirements.

Higher price and lesser time may give you the best services but it is not true always. You need to take a decision based on your budget and the confidence level that the company is showing.

8. How will you maintain the confidentiality and the information Security?


This is a bit technical and the legality-based question that you must ask your software outsourcing vendor to ensure the safety of the project. Make sure they hand over the source code of the product to you and follow all legal processes to ensure the safety of your sensitive information.

9. Can you please show me some previous references of the clients and what really makes you the best choice?

Software outsourcing is an art and one needs to be perfect to deliver the best services to be a good outsourcer. So, this becomes essential for you to ask this question and consider all the references that your software outsourcing vendor gives you. Try to know their qualities and see what they show it to you as the best choice.


Consider the following points:
i. What is their competitive advantage?
ii. What all tie-ups or partnerships they have.
iii. What customers and clients have said about them (the references).
iv. What is their market position (reviews can be seen on the internet)?

Bottom Line:

These are some of the important questions that you may consider while choosing your outsourcing partner. You have already decided to build a prolific project for your business so it becomes essential to choose the best company for your project and these questions will help you achieve the target.

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I have tried to cover the main target points which any client should consider while choosing the perfect software outsourcing vendor. I hope it helps you in making your mind to outsource your project with a perfect company.

For any queries feel free to ask in the comments section and do share your thoughts about the blog.

Author: aishwarya