Angular framework’s grand ambition: Do not break anything

March 28th, 2017 . 1 minute read
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Angular, the popular web application framework, released angular version 4 last week. Here is everything you need to know about this version. They totally skipped version 3. Angular is very much famous among developers it is totally suppressed used on react.js, vue.js or backbone.js. The angular team is doing rapid development as it is backed by Google.

Angular is known for its role in the popular MEAN stack. A stands for Angular. So let’s discuss what is Angular grand ambition.

Why I am saying “Not breaking anything/do not break anything”

The angular team has written angular.js 1. So angular version 2 does not provide any backward compatibility. So this is has been a fear among developers if angular 4 and angular 2 is compatible or not. But this time the angular team has committed to always provide backward compatibility.

The angular.js team now scrapper keyword ‘js’ from the name. Now this framework will be called angular only. May be they done so as angular 2 and later versions written in typescript. Typescript is a super set of javascript backed by Microsoft.

Beyond that, Version 4 aims to address some of the performance concerns voiced by Angular developers. The latest build reduces the size of generated code for Angular components by about 60 percent.

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Author: morwal89