Are you ready for the new norm- enterprise mobility solution or business mobility solution?

Easing the process of data-mining through Enterprise Mobility Management!

ByHabile Labs
October 7th . 9 min read

With the rapidly changing techno world and turning everything into data, business mobility or enterprise mobility has been a crucial part of operations. With this techno-driven world, and improving Smartphone technology as well as the staggering use of it worldwide, brands have no option other than implementing enterprise mobility into their business irrespective of the scale of their business. Consumers’ inclination toward mobile apps and solutions for various purposes like ordering food, and paying bills make it more obvious that enterprise mobility is necessary for increasing profit. Mobile usage has highly impacted our lives, and it is setting a huge effect on business operation style now. In today’s business world data is the king, and those who have learned to gather correct data, turn it into insights, and make a successful marketing plan are the most successful businesses. Enterprise mobility management (EMM) has eased the process of gathering data about niche-related customers.

What exactly is business mobility?

Business mobility solution is adopting mobile technology or resources that permit your clients or workers to get data about your business anyplace, whenever, without influencing the genuine results. Some examples of mobility solutions are:

  • Investing in mobile apps that are futuristic and can give growth in future
  • Switching to pdf or other paperless invoice modes rather than paper invoice
  • Adopting online marketing tools & technology rather than traditional marketing method

Today most businesses are adopting device management platforms to stay connected with the updated business world which is beneficial to them. It is less pricey and more convenient. For many industries, a mobility method solution is simply that which can impact their customers.

Enterprise Mobility solutions play an essential role in operations, growing productiveness, and controlling expenses. Due to the stated reasons, businesses are focusing more on mobile technology, offering businesses attractive returns and keeping their business ahead in the saturated market.

Now the question arises if the mobility solution will be long-lasting or just a bubble that will burst soon?

While big businesses were strengthening their mobile presence much before as they had the instinct that it would grow a lot in the future, small or medium size businesses was skeptical about it. After the outbreak of Covid-19, usage of mobile improved like never before. An average user spends more than 3 hours a day with their Smartphone which reveals how these Smartphone have impacted our lives.

Earlier people used mobile phones only to make calls, whereas now the scenario is completely changed. Now from digital currency to online payment, from ordering food to ordering clothes or daily needed products, from vehicle items to jewelry, all are available online. Many are running their businesses solely via mobile applications.

Hence business owners from small to big corporate, and start-ups to established organizations, all are moving towards accelerating their business’s mobile presence. By focusing more on mobility solutions, they find it easy to stay connected with customers no matter where they locate. The best sector that’s enormously growing by mobility solutions is the E-commerce sector. During the pandemic, small and medium businesses also moved to mobility solutions faster as ordering everything online became the new norm. Many big brands have been adopting modern technology like MDM software and modifying their existing model as the mobile trend is not going to expire in the future. However, we can expect modifications and better features in this mobility transition.

Making a huge difference with a mobility solution-

Earlier, many businesses were not accepting the fact that a strong mobile presence can accelerate their business. But some futuristic business owners perceived that mobile platforms can be used to boost brand awareness and revenue, so they invested in them. Undoubtedly mobility solutions opened the gate to opportunities for growing their business.

Let’s understand how some brands made themselves unstoppable by adopting mobility solution-


It is one of the most successful travel companies that doesn’t own any single vehicle but runs its travel business successfully with enterprise mobility system adoption.

Passengers get the option to book a car for them at their fingertip, and the app also connects them with the drivers in real-time as well provides route information for the driver to reach any place. Apart from Uber has inspired many other travel agencies to transform their revenue model by adopting enterprise mobility solutions.


Facebook is one of the popular platforms where one can create social networking accounts, may be personal or business accounts. Facebook is an ideal platform for running advertisement campaigns to build strong connections with customers.

Many businesses have benefitted through Facebook and created a significant online presence for themselves. It is another great example of a business or enterprise mobility solution.

Food Ordering Apps-

Food ordering apps like Swigy and Zomato have been burning examples of success through adopting mobility solutions. These food ordering apps don't own a single restaurant, but they are just a button away from their users to deliver food.

Users can order food anytime, from anywhere through the app, just by selecting food from the menu as per their convenience, ordering food sitting at home, and getting it delivered.


E-commerce Apps-

E-commerce apps, without owning a single physical store these platforms are some of the multi-millionaire businesses running completely through mobile applications. Apps like Amazon, E-bay, Flipkart, etc allow users to shop across the globe and get products delivered to their doorsteps.

These are some of the examples of highly popular enterprise mobility solutions successful example. These businesses are embracing the trends of modern solutions and showing the world how they can be successful using enterprise mobility solutions in their niche.

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Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Solution:

Enhance operational excellence and client engagement, and offer tailor-made company mobility solutions to drive operational agility for serving your customers. Enterprise mobility solution is rapidly turning into a crucial part of businesses by combining them with the benefits of mobile computing. Mobility solutions open endless opportunities to become a part of IT solutions, help businesses-

  • Accelerating brand value
  • Improving customer connecting experience
  • Empower employees
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Improved ROI

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Let’s discuss some inside benefits:

Saving Time:

Enterprise Mobility offers an “anytime anywhere” approach that saves time in team collaboration. With mobility solutions, both B2B and B2C service providers can use their resources completely. By getting the correct information at the correct time, the employees of an organization can plan out and leverage the feedback mechanism quickly.

Faster decision-making:

Quick decision-making makes the organizations work efficiently and plan for the next project. By adopting enterprise mobility it is easy to gather data fast and deploy those data into actions. It helps organizations to make effective marketing plans, and improve sales.

Creating useful marketing channels:

With the ease of online shopping, home delivery, and online payment methods, buyers tend to be frequent online buyers. Helping in sales growth; according to many surveys, 20% of shoppers buy products and services frequently which is likely to be once a week.

So, having a mobile app is the new way of reaching your customers fast which boosts the company’s revenue model. With a strong mobile presence and adopting tools that are working with mobile apps, it’s easy to educate users.

Showing consumers product catalogs, providing them registration or booking forms, and a strong presence on social media where your users can surf about you acts as great marketing media.

By sending push notifications, or promotional messages you can connect to your customers in a better way, and keep flashing your products in their minds. Use your marketing tools also to create your marketing channel, like publish blogs and fresh content that offers users knowledge about your products. It will create faith in your products and increase your user base.


Enhancing loyal customer base:

As we all know, fostering any business's customer base is the backbone, and what can be more valuable for a business than owning a loyal customer base?

By integrating loyalty programs, and offering exclusive deals or cash-backs brands can stay in touch with their customers and create a loyal customer base.

Another aspect of Business Mobility is raising the work-from-home facility, many companies have provided their employee's personal computers/laptops, and mobiles to do their work at their convenience. Accessing information from cloud data storage is a new way of mobilizing your organization.

Many Enterprise Mobility Management vendors are offering support to newer device platforms that allow businesses to keep their data secure in the cloud storage. There are several components and technologies used in EMM such as;

Mobile Device Management (MDM):

It helps organizations manage mobile devices by enabling remote control, encryption, and policy enforcement, along with features of wiping out data from a device in case of an emergency.

Mobile content management (MCM):

Content access, security, pushing content to devices, and protection of content are some of the prime features provided by MCM. The tools provided by MCM work well with some of the popular cloud storage products.

Mobile application management (MAM):

MAM comes with tools that offer facilities like pushing updates, license management, and application security. The tools also protect the crucial data of the organization, manage, and delete automatically if they are no more required. So, there won’t be lots of data getting stored unnecessarily.


Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions has many benefits that a company can enjoy by implementing it in their business module. While on one hand, it enhances the customer’s experience by getting them connected to the business with their mobile, on the other hand, it helps businesses grow their productivity as well as sales along with the overall growth of their business.