6 Steps Process to Converting Keys Through PuTTYgen

May 4th, 2017 . 1 minute read
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To convert keys to different formats for different platforms is not a big task now. This can be achieved using PuTTYgen (PuTTY Key Generator). So let’s start Converting Keys Through PuTTYgen without wasting time.

6 Steps to Converting Keys Through PuTTYgen:

STEP 1: Go to windows navigation bar and type there puttygen.



STEP 2: Click on PuTTYgen to open it. 

Upon clicking, this window will come up.



STEP 3: Click on Load button : 



Select the path to your key which you want to convert and then select the desired key from there.In this example, we are using private.ppk



STEP 4: Click open and the below window will pop up :



Click Yes when this opens up.



STEP 5: Go to Conversions and select Export OpenSSH key.



STEP 6: Name the key that you want to be as a result.

Here in this example it is habilelabs.pem

In the result you will see your key is converted and created as like in the image below :



This is all for converting the keys through PuTTYgen. Key is generated successfully.

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Author: aishwarya