What is ElasticSearch

August 3rd, 2016 . 2 minutes read
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What is elastic search :

Elasticsearch has a mission to organize a large number of data and handle it easily accessible. It is open source and developed in java. Elasticsearch based on Lucene. Elasticsearch provides a scalable search with schema free JSON documents. It has the ability to deliver data very fast.

So now everyone’s have a question, why is it even needed? The answer is- speed and why should I use, again the answer is-speed. Elasticsearch is built for serving your search result in near real-time, which makes it suitable as a NoSQL database. In NoSQL database such as Mongo, it’s delivering speed is about 2 second but Elasticsearch serves your result in 0.6 milliseconds that’s why our organization use Elasticsearch.

Currently, Many Companies uses Elasticsearch like- Wikipedia, Facebook, Mozilla, GitHub, Netflix etc. The Database-Engines Ranking ranks database management systems according to their popularity, Elasticsearch has Number 1st in this ranking last Two year.

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We are focusing in new technologies and Elasticsearch is one of them. We are providing you this awesome MONGO DB technology. Our organization provides Elasticsearch functionality as a Framework or package. So using this framework we can provide you very fast search result this is good for your product and increase its popularity in the world. We offer super impressive performance and the ability to easily embed search as a service.

Setup for Importing data from MongoDB to Elasticsearch

First, we need Mongo DB to set replica enabled, now Mongo DB populates the operation log and when we add a document to the collection in the database. This operation log is used by Elasticsearch River plugin to sync up data with Elasticsearch.

1. Install Elasticsearch

2. Install Elasticsearch River plugin for Mongo DB from the website


We can run this command in cmd.

a. Go to Elasticsearch/bin
b. plugin install com.github.richardwilly98.elasticsearch/elasticsearch-river-mongodb/2.0.6

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Author: balgopal