How are On-Demand Service Apps Building Everyday Life?

October 9th, 2018 . 8 minutes read
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On-demand services, a really good answer to the burdens that people face each and every day. That may sound so weird but yet that is the reality. People these days, find it difficult to manage their life. Even shopping for daily household items such as groceries, food etc. are a big burden.

The standard of living has gone tough and so is the change in lifestyle. This indeed has created a space for new needs and facilities. Thankfully, there are some essential solutions present to make daily life easy. In this blog, I am going to let you know the eco-system of on-demand services apps and their impact on various aspects.

Before proceeding further, let me just ask you a question –

What do you know about On-demand service apps?

On-demand service apps are nothing but the virtual representation of the solutions of the real-world demand-based services. If I give you an example, let’s say you need to repair your television, then either you will contact the person of expertise or you will take the item to the service center.

Right? But think now, if this could be resolved at your own place with no extra labour and time waste. Isn’t it cool? Indeed, it is. So, On-demand service apps act as a medium between the consumer and the service provider. This allows any user to get the desired services whenever they are needed.

What On-demand service apps have achieved and what is their importance?

On-demand service apps have various beneficial impacts to resolve all daily life issues. Various researches and surveys have been conducted in the recent past to know the importance of the app-based market.

According to Harvard Business Reports, the on-demand economy has found a huge place in the past few years. It is moving towards a larger aspect where even independent sellers can offer their services to customers through a wide usage of the apps. According to the report, following are the major observations that the on-demand economy has achieved.

  1. The on-demand economy is fascinating more than 22.4 million consumers annually. These consumers spend $57.6 billion on these on-demand services.
  2. 49% of the on-demand service users are millennials i.e., they reached young adulthood in the early 21st century (age 18-34). 29% are between the age group of 35 to 54. The rest 22% are 55 years old or above it.

According to U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, there has been an impressive presence of on-demand economy spending. The graph below shows the percentage of average spending per year on various on-demand services.

With the increasing number of mobile device users around the world, the growth rate of the mobile market is expected to rise each year. The importance can be understood by a study conducted by Pew Research Centre, in which it was found that around 72% of the American people are using some type of shared or the on-demand services.

This makes it very clear that on-demand service apps have a great market scope.

On-demand service apps catching up the market trends

According to a report, an estimated one-third of the American workforce is engaged in on-demand work. The real importance of apps come here because most of the on-demand services are within the reach of every individual with the mobile phone being their biggest companion

The on-demand service apps are catching up the market trends very fast. One can easily adapt to the fact that app-based services prove themselves as a better option rather than any other services. Apps have greater potential with their dedicated functionalities and easy access to the resources.

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Today, people hire stylists, therapists, event planners, plumbers, electricians etc. from the smartphones. This is greatly felt by the industry experts and suggest that if the business is between the set of buyers and the sellers then companies must invest in on-demand service app development to raise their business.

Top 3 industries that will dominate the On-demand service market

Customers look for the comfort and personalization and that too with great response from the vendors or the service providers. These can be best felt in the below-mentioned industries that will dominate the on-demand economy in the future.

1. Local Deliveries:

This involves all sort of the ordering items from the local surroundings using the on-demand service app and a delivery agent picks the item from the vendor and delivers it to the customer.

2. On-Demand Jobs:

This is another great aspect of on-demand services, where many freelancing firms or the individuals are connected with each other and services are outsourced as and when required.

3. Home Based Services:

With people getting more tech savvy, these kinds of services provide them with calling a beautician, a plumber, an electrician etc. at their home with use of on-demand service apps without any hassle.

With these major industries impacting the on-demand services, many entrepreneurs and companies have already started investing in them a lot. They have a great market covered under their domain. Uber, Zomato, UrbanClap, Glam Squad etc. are some of the major examples to this.

Now, let us look what are the different types of on-demand services that are catering to different segments of the society.

Types of On-Demand Service Apps

Following are the on-demand services that will find a great scope of taking over the traditional way of doing work:

1.    Food Delivery

This is the category which has a wide variety of users ordering the food online. Due to the hectic work schedule of the people, they love it to order online rather than to cook the food by self. The app will help both, restaurant owner and the customer to explore for more for business profits and food desires respectively. GrubHub, UberEats, Zomato, Swiggy, and Foodpanda are some of the examples in this segment of on-demand services.

2.    Cab/Bike Booking

This is another important service sector that people utilize the most. To book a bike or a cab, the user just needs to tap on the booking option in the app and within a few minutes, the cab or the bike will present on the booking location. Uber and OLA are some of the examples serving in this segment of the on-demand services.

3.    Healthcare

On-demand services play an important role whenever you feel sick and want to reach the doctor or any professional health advisor. The on-demand service apps help here to a great extent. Medicast, DocsApp are some of the major examples serving in this segment of the on-demand services.

4.    Beauty

Booking an appointment in a spa/salon is a matter of concern for many because it always finds a long queue of waiting people before them. This makes it difficult for them to get the appointment at desired time. But, using on-demand service app such as Glam Squad helps you in making the appointment with a hassle-free process.

5.    Home stuff

There is a huge demand for services related to household stuff such as services required for Air Conditioners, TV faults etc. App-based service UrbanClap is a big example serving in this segment of the on-demand services.

6.    Delivery

On-demand service apps are the best solutions to the people when they buy or sell online. Pickrr, Quickr, and OLX are some of the big names that serve in this segment of the on-demand services.

Astounding Features of the On-Demand Service Apps

Some of the major features that make on-demand service apps a bigger advantage are as follows:

1.  Tracking Status Feature

This feature helps the users to track their order in the real-time on the app screen.

2.   Payment System Feature

Availability of various payment options to pay for the services on a single tap makes it an essential feature.

3.   Push Notifications Feature

This feature enables the users to receive the notifications on a timely basis for offers and the latest information.

4.   Favorites Feature

This feature allows the user to add the services to the favorite. It helps in considering the services again in future.

The Real Impacts of On-Demand Service Apps

Considering all the facts, service types and the features of the on-demand service apps, here are some of the crucial points how they are impacting everyone.

1. More Personalization Possibility

The possibility of more personalization helps people to get attracted towards the app services again and again. New firms entering this service sector have great opportunity to target a huge community. This is how apps are impacting everyone.

2. Work Flexibility

People have huge opportunity to adopt this sector of services as the part-time job or the full-time opportunity. There is a huge chance to earn a great amount of money.

3. Reasonable Prices on the App

On-demand app services offer great services at cheaper prices and with no complexity. App-based services are providing benefits to every individual associated with this mode of services.

Bottom Line

As there is a huge number of apps available, so there is no doubt in considering that on-demand service apps and the on-demand economy will find anything difficult in the near future. There are huge chances of growth of on-demand service apps. This has already revolutionized the way people live today.

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