How to Improve Your Communication Skills - Effective Tips

ByRajesh Bhatia
June 28th . 5 min read
How to Improve Your Communication Skills - Effective Tips

Communication may be a topic that is hard to master, but having the ability to channelize your feelings can facilitate you to connect while having a conversation.

It’s not always about speaking out loud your thoughts and opinions, but sometimes, it’s just about being there to hear out the other person and offering your silent support.

Don’t try to solve or judge their issues, just being there and allowing them to know you care is all it takes.

In the queue, here are some tips to master the art of effective communication:

- Be Real!

The best way to start your communication is, to be honest and genuine while articulating your thoughts. If you’re frustrated, say so, if you’re not really in the mood to talk, then again, SAY SO.

Having the ability to articulate your thoughts and feelings may be an enormous step in getting good communication with others. If you don’t want to speak about a couple of subjects, say “I don’t want to speak about that” to let the opposite person know where you stand.

Little children are great at this, as they need not learn all the social nuances of a way to hide their feelings and be deceptive in their communication.

We could all use a visit back to being a baby when understanding a way to communicate more honestly.

- Listen Well!

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Most folks do more talking than listening. What is it that makes us this concerned about what we are about to say than what the opposite person is saying to us?

Take the time to actually hear what people are saying, by their words, tone, and visual communication. If they know you’re really paying attention to them, they’ll be more open and trust you with their real thoughts and feelings.

The more you actually listen, the more they’ll open up, the more you actually listen, the more they’re going to open up… and the cycle goes on.

Ask questions about what they’re saying to encourage them to open up more.

- Check your Tone and Gestures!

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Your body language matters more than your words. And thus, watch your tone and gestures before you are speaking.

Is your tone harsh? Does your face reveal your disgust when some other person is talking? Do your gestures reveal that you are not interested in talking?

Your visual communication says more about your feelings and thoughts than your actual words, so keep that in mind whenever you find yourself conversing with someone.

Check your visual communication to make sure it’s keeping up with your words.

- Don’t Give Unwanted Advice!

Do you know anyone who likes to offer advice without even asking for it? Most unwanted advice is simply that — unwanted.

Wait until somebody asks for advice and then only give your suggestion. If they don’t enkindle your advice, don’t provide it to them. Giving unwanted advice causes you to look like a know-it-all, which doesn’t really help you getting anywhere with your relationships.

Sometimes the person just wants you to hear them out rather than trying to solve the problems.

That’s the most effective way to get along. If you’re respectful of their needs, there might come a day when they actually ask for your opinion.

- It’s Not About You!

Communication can never be about you or a single entity, it is always a two-way street, and we must remember to respect the other person’s feelings as important as our own.

Sometimes it’s hard to grasp, but we should definitely take care of continuing the give and take process.

To own a perfect communication, there has to be honesty going both ways and a decent understanding of what’s being said. Asking clear questions and letting the opposite person know you’re listening are great ways to boost communication.


How should we communicate to build good relationships, whether within the workplace or at home, is something that is hard to master?

Try these tips to make your conversations more fulfilling, which will definitely help you to nurture your relationships. You would be wonderfully surprised at how simple it really is to speak and connect with others.

Thanks for reading!!😊