12 steps to setup ubuntu server on Amazon EC2

March 31st, 2017 . 3 minutes read
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Amazon provides lots of web services. EC2 is one the famous web service. Now I will tell you how to setup Ubuntu server 16.04 on amazon EC2.

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute cloud) web service provides a computing environment on the cloud. So with the help of EC2, we can set up a computer environment on the server which has an operating system (can be windows or Linux). So now I will setup a computer on the cloud with the operating system Ubuntu 16.04.

Follow the steps for a Ubuntu server Setup:

Step 1: For using the web services of amazon, we have to create an AWS account. Please refer this link to manage your AWS account https://aws.amazon.com/console/

Step 2: After successful signup. Now we will sign in to the AWS management console and go to the dashboard.

Step 3: In the dashboard, we will see lots of services which are provided by amazon. Now we will click on the EC2 web service.

Step 4: After that, we will create an instance, here instance means we are creating a server on a cloud. Now we will click on the button “Launch Instances”.

Step 5: After clicking on “launch instances”, we will see the different-2 types of operating systems and properties.These are actually AMIs(Amazon Machine Image). Here are some AMIs are free and some are paid so we will choose free tier only. Actually, we were setting up a ubuntu 16.04 server so we will select “Ubuntu Server 16.04 “.

Step 6: After that follow some steps of configuration like storage, security groups etc. and finally click on “launch” button.

Step 7: After that we have to create a key value pair for security purpose.  From the first drop-down choose “create a new key-value pair” and put a name for this pair. After that click on  “download key pair”.

Now we have got a  pem file and we will use this file when we will open the server.

Step 8: Now we will click on “create instances”. Finally, we have created an instance and we can see the list of instances. We are the new user so we have only one instance means we can create the more different type of instances. You can also check the list of instances, just click on EC2 service after that click on “Running instances”.

Step 9: In the running instances page we can check all properties of this instance. We can get a public IP for this instance, this IP is unique for our server and this will help us to open our server.

Step 10: Now we will convert pem file into ppk file with help of putty gen. (Because for opening the server we must have pem or ppk file and public IP.

Step 11: This is the final step, we will open our server means a ubuntu computer. For windows, we will use putty for open the server. In the putty, we will provide host name (host name will be like “ubuntu@xx.xxx.xxx.xxx” This is your public IP) and provide ppk file for ssh authentication. After that click on open. Now our server is open and we will see a Linux computer environment.

Step 12: Our Ubuntu server is ready so we can setup our project on this server and run on the specific port and we can access from public IP.

(So above all are the simple steps to Setup Ubuntu server on amazon EC2 and open that server).

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