Mobile App vs Mobile Website: Comparison for a Better Choice?

June 6th, 2018 . 5 minutes read
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Mobile App or Mobile Website: it is the detailed comparison of mobile website vs mobile app. In this blog, I have shared various points that will make your decision strong which platform is suitable for you.

We are living digital life and many new technology and innovations are coming day by day and they are playing a very important role in solving our problems.

Approximately 3.2 billion people are using the internet in the world and 3 billion Google searches would have to wait if the internet goes down for a day.

The mobile revolution is upon us totally. People are moving rapidly from ordinary cell phones to smartphones, in both developed and developing countries.

Mobile websites: A brief introduction to understanding

Mobile websites are websites like any other website which contain HTML pages that are linked together over the internet but they are responsive and are fully fledged with mobile screens.

mobile friendly websites

They are same as desktop running websites but are responsive and mobile friendly also.

Since most of our population are mobile handy and they want information in a fast and easy way, so it provides complete benefits to our audience in an effective way as follows:

Awesome user experience:

Mobile websites are quicker, less expensive than making a standalone application in addition to your desktop website, it sorts out all normal user problem regarding navigation on sites.

Increase user average time on site:

As it is more user-friendly so it is easily able to create a good impact on the audience and make them stay for a longer time on the website.

It increases the chances of converting audience to permanent customers.

Improve mobile SEO:

When it comes to SEO, we are all slaves of Google, whether we want that case or not but we will have to move according to some parameters decided by google webmaster.

Mobile responsive website perfectly matched google SEO parameters and performing really well enough.

Mobile app: A brief introduction to understanding

They are a real software application that is developed and designed to run on mobile devices only rather than being rendered within the browser.

mobile based app

It is available on application stores, we can easily download the app on our mobile device from application store such as google play, Apple store etc which plays a remarkable role in Hybrid and Native apps for accessing internet data.

What are Native apps?

It is an application that is developed for mobile users and is built by a specific programming language such as Objective-C for ios developed system and Java for Android System.

It is quickly accessible for multiple services such as microphone, GPS, gyroscope, ambient, accelerometer, proximity sensors provide by mobile devices.

A large no of popular mobile apps out there like Uber, Instagram, Facebook, Pokémon go, Twitter, Waze etc.

What are Hybrid apps?

A hybrid app is the intermediate-term for between native and web app and has characteristics of both applications. It is built-in Html, CSS, JavaScript, and then wrapped in a native application using a platform like Apache Cordova etc.

Hybrid apps are easier to develop and flexible with different platforms. All showcases of ionic and Adobe PhoneGap are well-developed hybrid apps.

Which is Better? – Mobile Website vs Mobile App

Mobile users are quite higher than desktop users because mobile is more user-friendly to use and quite handy. So, Mobiles become the best channel for a businessman to reach their customer and advertise their product to them.

Mobile apps are far more interactive and efficient and they are doing a better job than mobile websites in more than one ways-

1) User Experience:

The mobile app provides the fastest, easily operatable, most responsive, readable, and stable experience as compared to the website. An app with ingenious features, effective and fastest search an awesome UX design create spell over target user to prefer a mobile app over the website.

2) Ability to work offline:

It is the greatest point that compels target audience to move towards mobile app. although app too require internet connectivity for their featurable task but basic tasks can be easily carried out in offline mode.

3) Freedom in Design:

Mobile websites are dependent on browsers features (like back button, refresh) to perform some elementary tasks. A mobile app designed with inbuilt functions, based on some gestures effects i.e. drag, pinch, reload, hold etc.

4) Audience Longer Engagement:

Most of the mobile users spent 80 % of the time in mobile app and only 20 % in a mobile website.
As it provides superior graphics and effects and better user perceptions.

5) Support and Maintenance:

Mobile website costs less for changes infect it has a single version of it we can edit in its HTML file and get changes but mobile app updates reflect by downloading its newer version.

6) Push notification:

This feature has great advantages over the mobile website. Native apps make use of push notifications and continuously able to bring back audience by alerting messages to them.

compare web vs app


Mobile app vs mobile websites, both have their advantages and disadvantages also. At some point, the mobile app plays a remarkable role but at another end, the mobile website gets shined and vice versa.

To choose one of them we must understand actual propose of our end product who will go to use it and in which perspective, it will be utilized.

Habilelabs provides high-quality web application development and mobile app development services for a long time.

I hope now it is clear to you what is best for your audience base. Share with me in the comment section what you prefer for your audience mobile website or mobile app?

Author: abhishek