The Art of Getting What You Want

February 23rd, 2022 . 5 minutes read
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What if somebody asks you, “What do you want in your life?”

Maybe, you know the answer, but what if you’re further being asked “How to get what you want ?” That’s where most of us get stuck.

The reason why this question feels so intimidating is that it include “n” number of things happening in our life i.e. our schedules, habits, routine, and what not.

We look for ways and pieces of advice that can guide us to the right track to get what we want in our life, like overcoming our fears and remaining adamant throughout.

Here’s this secret I’ve come to understand to finally get what you want, no matter how difficult it seems to achieve-

The Secret to Get What You Want-

While everyone can guide you, send you motivational quotes or can suggest you self-help books – in reality, the secret behind everything you desire boils down to one thing – YOU.

You need to decide the path you want to walk on. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what path you are choosing as long as you know it will lead you to your goals or your desires.

And in this process you need to understand that to reach any outcome you must get started first, you must not play safe and not feel that this is too much of work.

Always remember –

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to start in order to be great.”

For this, there are some things or some concepts you need to be clear about –

The foremost is – Understanding the difference between your wants & your needs!

Just to make it simpler – things that you “want” in life are infinite and might not actually contribute that much in your life whereas a “need” is something that you live for and that, in real, makes our life better and sustainable.

There is a very faint line between a want and a need which should not be blurred at any cost

Now when we are at this point of topic, you must have this question :

How to achieve what we want?

Many of us look for a tested formula or try to decipher some kind of spell to do the work for us but you should not do this – Absolutely not!

Don’t try to unravel the correct formula because it doesn’t exist.

It’s actually quite simple when you discover the things that you absolutely need – you’ll work for it and that will happen, if not today, then eventually.

When you realize that you are the only one who needs to believe that you can do whatever it is you desire, that’s when you will actually do it. Because in the long run –  regardless of how much encouragement you receive from others, the voice you always need to listen to is your own.

After finding out the right way to channelize things, let’s actually make them happen

Process of accomplishing what you desire starts from the moment you start listening to your inner voice and follow your intuition. Although there are some more pointers you should keep in mind while traversing the path you carved for yourselves – following are the points.

Self Belief !

It is the underlying factor behind anything. It influences our motivation to do the task and also make us resilient to keep going and learn from past mistakes. Self belief keeps our attitude positive and help us see everything as a learning process.

Whenever you feel low, always keep in mind that only your self belief can help you in rising up.

No matter whatever the situation is – if you can handle it positively, then nothing can break you down.


To achieve what you want, you can do a proper planning, plan out a strategy for how you’ll do the task and how to implement it.

Strategic planning can be helpful while acquiring exact desires, which include these points :

  • Work smarter and harder : To stand apart from everyone, you need to be creative, confident and innovative in your brainstorming sessions as well as in your work and working methods.
  • Become Proactive : If you do not want to stand in the same line or be monotonous for the rest of your life, you need to be proactive in working towards your goals. You’ll have to do a lot of homework before others reach that chapter; you need to identify and keep the solution ready beforehand.
  • Be consistent & patient : It is not easy to get what you want with a snap of fingers, you need to be constantly working on it and stick around to get it. No matter how many ups & downs you face, no matter how much monotony get on to your nerves – you have to be super patient, you cannot back down now that your goal is in place.


Perseverance is NOT giving up. It is persistence and tenacity, the effort required to do something and keep doing it till the end, even if it’s hard.

Perseverance originally comes from the Latin persevērāre and means to abide by something strictly. This makes sense, because if you’re doing something in-spite of all the difficulty, you’re being strict on yourself.

Wrap Up-

Persistence and focus is the key to success in your life. The sooner you train and better yourself at it, the closer will be your destination.

All these points will only make sense when you will willingly work on it, when nobody has to push you for this.

Until then, remember that – Everything that comes from the heart is genuine and this brings out multiple possibilities.

When you are passionate about what you want to do, you know it’s possible. And if it feels impossible, you will break the barriers to make it happen because that’s what true authenticity flourishes.

There is no special formula for becoming successful, you just have to work joyfully and believe that you can do it.

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Author: Jayshree Mathur