How to setup and create Selenium Webdriver project in Eclipse IDE

March 27th, 2017 . 2 minutes read
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We will discuss on steps to Install Selenium Webdriver in Eclipse IDE and Create Selenium Webdriver project. First Install Eclipse IDE and then setup web driver.

Step by Step process to setup Selenium Webdriver in Eclipse IDE:

1) First Install Eclipse IDE–>> After that Install Java ((To Install java, Download JDK (Java Software Development Kit) File.

2) After That Download Selenium Client & WebDriver Language Bindings ((Download in Given Languages)). so Most Preferred Language, Download((JAVA)) and Add JAR Files.

3) To Add Jar Files–>> Open Eclipse–>> Create New Project/ Already Created Project–>> Right Click on Project–>Click On Build Path–>> Click On Configure Build Path.

4) After that Click On Libraries tab–>> Click on Add External JARs. And select the path where selenium JAR files Downloaded. and select the jar files also there is One ((Lib folder). Open it select all Files and add all these Files. –>> Click On Apply–>> Click On OK Button.

5) Library Folder Automatically Created Under the Project. Also, User Can Check All the JAR Files at there.


How to create Selenium Webdriver project:

6) Click On File–>> Click New–>> Click On Java Project–>> Enter Project Name–>> Click On Next Button–>> Click On Finish Button. It Creates a Project.

7) After Create Project–>> Right Click On Project–>> Click On Package (Enter Package Name) –Click On Finish. It creates Package.

8) After Create Package–>> Right Click On Project–>> Click On Class–>> Enter Class Name–>> Check the Check Box of ((Public Static Void main (String [] args) and Click On Finish Button. It Creates Class Under Project. and Opens a Project Window.

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