Top 9 Reasons to Use ReactJS and Why Companies Should Switch to It?

September 19th, 2018 . 10 minutes read
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Since the year ReactJS introduced, it has achieved great success. It has surpassed almost all of its competitors and has shown really nice growth in terms of its popularity. Considering ReactJS for developing projects will give a great foundation to the success of the project.

ReactJS is a very splendid tool to make a high-performance web application.

Why to Use ReactJS for Your Next Project?

Before knowing the real reasons to use ReactJS for the next project, here are some of the facts that will make you consider it as your next choice.

  • Jordan Wlke, a software engineer at Facebook, first created a prototype of ReactJS. Later on, it was open-sourced and the community of JavaScript users amended it and now it has the biggest community of users.
  • In a survey conducted by Stack Overflow, it stands on the second position amongst the most loved, dreaded, and wanted framework in 2020.
Source: https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2020/
  • It is amongst one of the most popular frameworks, libraries, and the tools in the year 2020. It is second most commonly used technology of 2020.
Source: https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2020/
  • According to a report on w3Techs, ReactJS is used by 0.3% of all the websites, that is a JavaScript library market share of 0.4%-

In the similar report, we observed that on the basis of the ranking of the websites using JavaScript libraries, ReactJS stands a great percentage of the total market share that is based on this criterion-

  • ReactJS is very popular among the developers and in 2020 it covers a large market position in terms of traffic and the technology used. The graph below depicts the exact scenario.

Now that enough of facts have been collected to make your mind to switch to this emerging and promising technology, let us look over some points that are the actual features of this beautiful frontend technology. I am going to explore the top points that can make you switch to ReactJS.

Top 9 Reasons to Use ReactJS

1. JSX – An HTML like Syntax

React uses JSX which is a syntax extension to JavaScript. JSX looks like the template language but it has all the powers of JavaScript. An example describing the syntax of a JSX file looks like the below line of code.

The code above is neither a complete HTML nor a string. That may seem funny to many developers but yes that finds a place in trends these days.

This is the very unique way that produces the React “elements”. React embraces the fact that the rendering page logic couples inherently with another UI logic. JSX helps in achieving the results by handling the separate concerns with loosely coupled units called components.

This makes it unique in the web and mobile development technologies, which is why it attracting more of the projects these days.

2. Virtual DOM

Now, what does this mean to any developer that React has a virtual DOM? According to the official website definition –
“The virtual DOM (VDOM) is a programming concept where an ideal, or “virtual”, representation of a UI is kept in memory and synced with the “real” DOM by a library such as ReactDOM”.

I know, that was a little bit tricky to understand. No worries! Let us understand it in a simple sentence – Virtual DOM or the VDOM is the representation of the DOM objects which is like a sample copy of it and it is much lighter in terms of representation.

Now, here comes the question that how is it beneficial then? Indeed, in a much broader way. Yes, you won’t believe it, but ReactJS’s virtual DOM renders the JSX and compares the Virtual DOM snapshot, taken just before the update.

By doing so, ReactJS figures out that which exact VDOM object has been changed. Once known, then only those objects are updated in the real DOM. This whole process is known as Diffing.

So, this is very much essential that React knows as to update which necessary part of the DOM, and hence it guarantees a better user experience and a higher app performance.

3. Architecture Free – Clean Abstraction

One of the most positive and strongest points about React is that it does not impose its users to learn the internal processes.

There is only the need to learn the component’s life cycle, props, and the states to have a good hand on ReactJS. However, it is not necessary to know the internal processes unlike any other languages such as the digest cycle of AngularJS.

React also do not impose any strict rules to follow any pattern or architecture like MVC or MVVM. The developer or the user is free to make and design the app’s architecture in the way which suits it best.

4. One-Way Data Flow

React has one-way data flow architecture. It allows downward data binding which ensures that changes in the child structures do not affect their parent.

This mechanism which implements the one-way data binding is expressed as “Properties flow down, actions flow up” which in turn makes a component to restrict the modification of the properties passed to it. The developers need to modify the state and apply the updates in order to change an object.

Many of the readers here might be in a confusion that how one-way data flow can help any language to survive? To answer this query, it is simply because the clean data flow architecture is easier to follow and gives better access control of the app. This approach also makes the code more predictable and debugging also becomes easy in case anything goes wrong inside the application.

5. Code Reusability – Composable Components

Component logic in the React application is written in JavaScript and not in the templates, which makes it rich in the sense that you can pass the data through your app. This approach makes the application keep the state out of the DOM.

ReactJS is used for application development using components and these components form a big part of the application. React is, thus, are a language of reusable components, and this code reusability increases productivity. Using these reusable components also makes the testing process very easy.

When compared to other frameworks and languages, React stands unique by providing the best and less-complex standards, based on the phenomenon of code reusability. React uses encapsulated components that utilize their own states to make different user interfaces.

6. SEO Friendly

In this competitive IT world, each day there are many developments and innovations going on. Many of the JavaScript frameworks have been built till date, but all follow a different path when it comes to SEO.

Usually, the JavaScript frameworks do not fit well with the search engines. This makes a negative impact on the ranking of the web pages.

React is free from all these negative impacts and it handles the problem of SEO rankings very smoothly. It has the features that can be used to run your application on the server and the Virtual DOM can easily represent the web page on the browser efficiently.

This makes React an SEO friendly language and the web crawlers of different search engines can easily read it.

7. Helpful Developer Toolset

It becomes a necessary requirement for a developer to know each and every feature of new technology so that the project development process becomes bearable and comfortable. For fulfilling this purpose a framework or the library must be features and tools ready so that it becomes effective for a developer to use them.

React comes with many such features along with debugging and design tools. These tools include the starter kit, UI components, ready-made Login modules for Facebook and Google, UI Widgets such as Infinite Scroll and Color Picker.

There are some Routing tools such as React Router, Aviator, and Component Router also available in React.
React also offers some build tools such as Create React App, Webpack, and Babel. Adding to these tools there are some very essential debugging tools such as React Developer and React Inspector.

React also has some Testing tools as well – Jest, Enzyme, and React Unit are among some of those major testing tools that are available.

8. Uses REDUX – A Very Convenient State Management Tool

Redux is a state management tool that has vast use in JavaScript application and finds many uses with ReactJS as well as other frameworks. It provides a functionality to describe the UI as a function of the state.

It helps in emitting the state updates in response to the actions taken. Redux helps in simplifying the storing and managing component states. This is really helpful, especially in large applications that have many dynamic elements.

There are some Redux tools also available which will help in making the tasks easy. In addition, many React tools are also available that helps in making an integrated application between React and Redux.

9. Server Side Rendering (SSR)

Server-Side Rendering with React

This is a very important feature of React that allows pre-rendering of the initial state of the React Components on the server side. It helps in loading the pages fast as there is no requirement of waiting for all the JavaScript to load before actually seeing the web page.

This is a great technique to render a normal client-side single page application(SPA) on the server and then sending the fully rendered page to the client. This helps in making a place in the SEO rankings as well and makes easy for crawlers to easily identify the content.

These are some of the major points that you can consider for building an interactive user interface application. As a bonus point to these essential considerations, there is one point that will make you build your gut feels to try the React framework.

React Native to Build Interactive Mobile Applications

After coming into the web market with the introduction of ReactJS release in 2013, team Facebook created React Native for the hybrid app-development for iOS and Android.

It’s a framework which works on the same logic that makes a great advantage of reusing almost 95% of the React code to build awesome mobile applications.

Bottom Line:

ReactJS is nowadays quite a famous framework and giving a tough competition Angular. It will be an intelligent decision to switch to React for your next project.

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I hope these reasons to use ReactJS will make you stand unique amongst the crowd. For any queries feel free to ask in the comments section and do share your thoughts about the blog.

Author: aishwarya