Concept of Using HTTP Interceptor in Angular 2

May 5th, 2017 . 2 minutes read
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Anyone who has created end-to-end applications most certainly had to deal with an HTTP interceptor in angular 2.

Interceptor is a middleware and a very useful concept for handling web APIs like add a token to the header, handle different kinds of errors, redirect the specific response, start and stop loading spinner, etc.
We can simply use an interceptor in angular 2 apps, for which all we need is to extend the HTTP class and that’s it.

Create a service class and extends HTTP class, as shown in the below example-

After that, you have to declare it as a provider in app.module.ts. Check the below code-

Now, every time you make an HTTP call, it logs the console before calling the base HTTP request. I have placed a console where you can place any logic you want.

You can check the demo for use of an HTTP interceptor here

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Author: monika