Uses and benefits of CRM : How CRM helps business to increase sales

June 22nd, 2018 . 7 minutes read
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If you are running a company, then CRM helps you in business development and sales growth. In this blog, I am describing how CRM helps business to increase sales and what are the uses and benefits of CRM.

It has been seen that many small or large scaled businesses were failed or shut down due to many reasons, such as improper planning, poor management, careless with customer needs, lack of business capital, inability to learn from poor service, unsuitable location etc.

If you want to improve your business growth and success, you need to improve sales and marketing processes as well. CRM is a most powerful tool for an organization’s interactions with customers.

So here I am sharing the information about CRM and it’s uses, which will be very helpful for your business development and sales growth.

What is a CRM? – A brief introduction

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is widely used to analyze and track each and every activity you interacted with customers and prospects. CRM helps a business to recognize the value of its customers and to capitalize on improved customer relations.

what is CRM

Understanding the customer needs batter, you will be more responsible for their needs. CRM software is a tool that simplifies, centralizes, secures, and scales our customer engagement.

Uses of CRM: Why CRM is required for your Business?

Why do we need CRM

Do you know the uses of CRM? Here are some key aspects of the requirement of CRM for your business: –

  1. Make your business more productive, useful and profitable per employee.
  2. Looking for a competitive advantage in a multi-channel customer environment.
  3. Capture the enthusiasm of customers and ignore the old methods that we used to market and sell to them.
  4. Look into your near future and be predictive of your funds.
  5. Reduce the risk and costs of employee turnover.

Good Approach to Design a successful CRM:

CRM making Approch

You need the right CRM approach in place from a business perspective. Here are below 7 steps to design a winning approach:

1. Clarify your vision:

Make your vision both aspirational enough to have an impact and clear enough that the entire organization can understand it. Successful leaders make their experience and clear vision, reusable and action-oriented for the valuable team.

2. Specify your business objectives:

Business objectives are where vision and strategy get translated into day-to-day work. Never make a mistake to replicate the old business processes and objectives into new CRM system. View your implementation as an opportunity to review and optimize how you work.

3. Get your team on board:

Appoint to a good and expert team for business executive sponsorship. The team is very important for your overall vision and business objectives.

4. Demonstrate your strategy:

Make strategy your vision achievable. For this, you should competing on price, offer different products, and emphasize you great after-sales service.

5. Identify and analyze the metrics:

Create dashboards for all levels of the organization, from sales representative and managers to the executive team, so that this metrics can be visible to everyone.

6. Prioritize your commencements:

Everything can’t be achieved at once, so you have to decide the most important to deliver first. For example, Training is on top priority to use the new CRM system as soon as it is available.

7. Define your guideline:

Prepare your guideline for being able to deliver improvement and new features after you go live.

Benefits of CRM: How CRM helps business in sales growth?

Benefits of CRM

Relationships with customers are important for growing your organization. CRM technology can help you be more connected to customers, enhance business performance, and growth of your company bigger and faster.

Here are some of the benefits of CRM you should know:

1. Finding the right customers:

Use most of your marketing tools such as email, SMS, and marketing automation by connecting them to the CRM system. The sales and marketing team will have a proper view of leads so that they can engage in communication and create them into customers and make a decision faster.

2. Develop more strong and continual relationships:

Build the deep understanding of customer’s business with your company. This will help you to build a strong bond of trust and mutual success with customers.

How a CRM system can help an organization?

1. Maintain goals preferences and challenges

Analysis goals, challenges, and preferences of customers. After every exchange, you should have to follow up. Store these notes in the CRM system to track the exact point for quick review.

2. Engages with Relativity

After understanding a customer’s business goals and challenges you can recommend appropriate products or services, relevant to their business interests, at the right time. Using CRM, you can know about purchases and feedback of your products or services, so you can provide the most relevant content and information.

3. Scales Your One-to-One Relationship

A CRM system can avail facilities of email templates, setting up task reminders, and calling on phones to you connect with customers faster and easier.

4. Reduces the Sales Cost

For continued growth, new customers are key ingredients. The trust of your existing customers will help to offset new customers.

5. Enhances the Employee Skills

Skill improvement and enhancement in sale automation with the right technology will free your employees from hazards old process of marketing and sales services, so they can spend more time talking with prospective customers and build strong relationships with existing customers.

6. Offers Better Customer Service

The better service doesn’t mean to provide a better product, you should also maintain the service before and after sale. Smoother interactions build trust and encourage repeat business. Don’t hit up your prospects with multiple marketing promotions that will annoy or scare them away.

7. Improves Customer Retention

Invest your time wisely for strong relationships with the customer which will pay dividends for years to come.

Avoid common mistakes in CRM:

Avoid common CRM mistakes

There are several reasons when CRM solution might not return the desired results, these are pointed out as below: –

1. Lack of commitment:

Everyone in the business should be committed to viewing their operations from the customer’s point of view, otherwise, the customer relationship will break down. This causes the customer’s dissatisfaction and eventually loss of your business revenue. This is happened due to the lack of commitment from the employee of the organization to the implementation of a CRM solution.

2. Poor Communication and Interaction gap:

In order to make the CRM system working secured and successful, all the relevant employees of the organization must know the correct and proper information and its uses.

3. Weak directorship:

The weak leadership cause problem for the planning of CRM implementation. If a proposed plan is not suitable for the right customer, you should avoid it. Now redirect the teams back to the drawing board to prepare a working solution.

4. CRM As Complete Solution:

CRM can be considered as a complete solution but some business requirements are needed to be implemented.

So, trying to implement CRM as a complete solution can be a risky approach. Divide the CRM project into manageable pieces by setting up pilot programs and short-term milestones. The main project will incorporate all the required groups and departments but is small and flexible enough to allow adjustments along the way.


The CRM is an extensive approach to creating, maintaining, and expanding the relationship with the customers. It comes up as one of the most widely recommended solutions for declining market share and slow growth of many industries in general and the banking and financial sector in particular.

I hope it is now clear to you How CRM helps business development and sales growth.

Ask me in the comment section if you want to ask anything about How CRM helps to increase sales. Share with me how CRM helped you in business development and sales growth.

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