Why is Odoo ERP a Perfect Fit for Your Business and Boosting ROI?

September 26th, 2018 . 8 minutes read
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Odoo ERP which stands for Entity Resource Planning is a software that operates and functions in such a way that it runs a business into one complete system.

Since the evolutionary years of the ERP, many companies have offered the ERP websites to create a shared database which in turn had allowed the users to effectively manage the everyday operations.

The top ERP solutions can make the management become more efficient across the board with inventory management, accounting, human resources, open-source CRM, manufacturing, sales, and more. ERP has evolved into examples like OpenERP and Odoo which the users prefer more frequently today.

Introduction of Odoo ERP:

First, we will discuss what exactly is Odoo. Odoo is an all-in-one management software that has many features and a wide range of business applications that forms a complete suite of enterprise management applications targeting companies of all sizes.

This feature-full software is all-in-one business-oriented software that includes warehouse and project management, inventory, manufacturing, accounting, billing, website/e-commerce, and CRM. In terms of a solution that’s more attainable from a price perspective for a small or mid-market solution, Odoo definitely is one of the broadest feature sets.

Odoo For Business purpose:

We can simply expand our business by using business software like Odoo, NetSuite ERP, Brightpearl, Intacct, QuickBooks for accounting, Salesforce for CRM, and many others. If we need to improve our business communication, know your customers adopting new features is very important.

Timely adaptations improve business processes and their functionality. Odoo customization helps businesses to achieve long-term success and lifespan, by bringing new adaptions to life and also making the software perfectly fit to survive in the dynamic and competitive business circle. But by need Odoo, so let’s discuss this and compare it with others ERP software.

Odoo ERP can be fully integrated or customized to specific processes. Its ERP system covers key business processes and consists of the following important modules:

User Interface that is different from other ERPs:

Usability, especially in enterprise software are always typical for the users. But Odoo ERP is a great tool that provides simple to navigate UI and lets the users to use all the modules very efficiently and smoothly. Odoo UI is better than any ERP Software.

The user interface is a very useful part for the business and the user who uses the system. So Odoo UI is very easy and it doesn’t get you irritated but if you use SAP then it gets so boring for the new user.

More features of Odoo ERP-

Odoo ERP consists of more than 1100 modules. There are many exclusive features available inside the modules for specific task-solving purposes. The modules present here are very robust and take care of the tasks while carrying out the task assessments.

It provides many modules which are not present in any ERP software. These are:

1. For maintenance:

I) Maintenance Calendar
II) Multiple Teams / Sites,
III) Equipment Serial Numbers

2. For conversation:

I) Logging customer calls
II) Add comments to customer details

Usability & Productivity Comparison Chart Odoo Vs SAP:

User InterfaceFull web InterfaceNot fully
Android Native AppEasily Possible with higher SecurityPossible
Responsive Mobile UIEasy to useDifficult for a new user
iOS Native AppNot possible but Oddo team is still working on itPossible
Data Entry* * * * ** * *
Reports Flexibility* * * ** * * * *
Ease of Use* * * * ** *
Navigation and Search* * * * ** *

Important Benefits of acquiring Odoo technology for Business:

1. Business Intelligence:

By using Odoo ERP, we can easily understand our business needs without so much effort.

2. Customer Service:

The interaction between the employees and the customers is better and it can improve the relationships between the two through faster and most significant access to customer’s information and history.

3. E-commerce integration:

ERP and E-commerce integration is possible with much of an advanced level. This helps the user with web-based order tracking or processing.

4. Centralized Storage and Back up:

Odoo ERP enables Centralized Storage and Back-Up of all the given data.

5-Integrated Information:

All information is kept in a single location instead of distributing data throughout a number of different databases. Data which is stored is also very consistent and it is always up-to-date.

6. Systematic and Automatic Workflow:

Systematic and Automatic Workflow; which helps us track all the process details which results in an analysis of business growth.

7. Module wise software:

Odoo ERP consists of different modules. Hence integration between the modules is easy. If any new module is implemented, the integration between the various functions or departments is easy.

Technologies behind Odoo ERP:

Python programming language and PostgreSQL are the main key sources behind the Odoo ERP. If any user starts with the Odoo then JavaScript can be implemented according to the needs.

The scope of risk:

If business systems and the website are fully separated, with periodic or off-line data synchronization, the scope of risk is reduced. This may sound scary, but when you connect your business system to the world around you, the balance sheet and P&L, employee data, bank, and cash details, and other private information are now included in the scope of risk.

How does the Odoo secure our data?

Odoo supports all security technologies. The best practice is to run Odoo behind a web server like nginx and use SSL. There are several layers of security and access when working with the Odoo developers. Client data is stored in the dedicated database – no sharing of data between clients.

You are the real owner of your data and all passwords set by you can only be reset by you whenever it is required and no staff member from the Odoo technology team has access to your password and it is not possible for them to change it for you. Login credentials are always transmitted securely over HTTPS. This access improves security and efficiency.

Odoo Report templates (How Report Templates Helps Business Growth?)

Report templates are the best options that you can opt for because they give you all the databases that you need to assess the growth and analyze the reasons for the loss. This helps in taking important decisions and strategize the future aspects of the business. Let us see how Odoo report templates can catalyze your growth-

1. Financial Planning:

Odoo Report Templates work no less than a roadmap for you. They render all the information that is needed with every single specification and requirement. Simple and clear statistics will help you to have knowledge of how much wealth is required in a financial year to run the business operations. So, an easy budget can be made which does not fall short of the actual requirements.

2. Understand the Needs and Outcomes:

Report easily create balance for you. They help you to understand your enterprise requirements and assist you to calculate what outcome it will generate. This calculation makes clear, the productivity of the business and analyzes some of the specific growth rate figures that will help you in getting an idea of how big or small are the chances of growth in the business.

3. What to Remove and What to Add:

Odoo covers each and every minor detail in its report that helps in the smooth operating of your organization. These minor details help you capitalize on the efficiency and get rid of redundancy.

4. You get a cost-effective solution:

Odoo has a relatively low cost of ownership. Better technology and functionalities are offered to the users which compensates for the initial cost and also there are other tangible and intangible benefits that make Odoo a cost-effective solution.

5. Take Decisions:

In today’s business era, everything relies on what decision you take to make your business successful. And what helps you to make quick decisions? Odoo helps in generating the reports that help in keeping all the operations under consideration. Having knowledge of the business process gives great confidence in dealing with all the challenges. This helps you to take quick and good decisions. It also helps you to plan new development.

6. Competitors Analysis:

It is good to analyze where the competitors are advancing and how you can be superior to them. This is always easy to analyze this thing. Figuring out what other market competitors and brands are doing that can slow your growth rate, and what new things you can implement that are innovative so that you stand unique amongst all the competitors.

For this purpose, you can use the Odoo report templates as the most important feature to take you to the top of your niche.

7. Upgraded message functionalities:

You can get relevant people to join the group and communicate directly using this feature, ensuring better enterprise-wide communication and collaboration.

Wrapping Up

Odoo is a very cost-efficient alternative and definitely can be considered on the price parameters. If the management of server infrastructure is easy for you, then Odoo core software is free to use.

However, even Odoo online, where you just have to pay for services per user based, is much cheaper than SAP Business One which is a comparable service and if you take into consideration of the cost factor as well, then you should go with Odoo. Odoo is a software that supports customization and provides a fully functional package meeting every enterprise requirement.

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Author: shainkey.jain