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Project Requirements

The objective was to create a rich interaction platform for MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) providers to enable students to have 24/7 access to experienced teaching assistants through video, audio, whiteboard, co-browsing, co-editing, screen sharing, screen control tools, and build a new business space by using the latest technology to make online teaching more interactive and appealing.

Technology Stack


  • Angular.js / jQuery
  • HTML 5 / Bootstrap
  • Coffee Script


  • Node.js
  • Express
  • Mongoose / MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Coffee Script
  • Node.js NPM Plugins like SOCKET IO etc.

Third-Party Integrations

  • Some important Node.js plugins (third party) integration
  • Pusher – For real-time notifications/broadcasting & client to client message communication
  • Intercom: Collect user events and interact with application users
  • Twilio: Voice communication
  • Stripe: Payment gateway
  • Socket IO: For real-time messaging for whiteboard functionality


Defining architecture based on the latest and new technology stack, best suited for real-time applications

Developing a real-time web application that is fast, scalable, and has good performance within a given short time span

Integration of third-party services/plug-ins like OpenTOK for video/audio, Web Sockets and Pusher for real-time push notifications, Intercom for user events

Developing chrome extensions for real-time desktop notifications

Hosting and set up on Heroku cloud platform

Supporting the application for maximum uptime



Habilelabs developed an online platform to enable communication between students and teachers on online courses through video conference, audio and text chat, whiteboard, co-browsing, co-editing, screen sharing, control, etc.

Integrated the platform with major online universities through chrome extensions and implemented a rich networking platform for students to interact with each other on a course or a topic.

Production, monitoring, and support of the platform 24/7

Implementation of the single-page application using Angular.js which is a lightweight JavaScript library that adds an MVC kind of structure to our client-side code

Node.js-based server-side platform for fast and event-driven, non-blocking I/O-based applications, which makes it even more lightweight and scalable.

Using MongoDB, an open-source and leading document database for persistence, and Redis, an open-source cloud-based in-memory key-value store, in addition.

Integration with Open TOK, Pusher, and Intercom.


“The platform improved the interaction between students and teachers during online learning. It also enabled integration with universities across the globe to provide the required toolset for online courses and helped newer streams of revenue through a subscription-based premium service model.”

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